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"Virushka" Tie The Knot

After so many speculations and reports of them getting married, the cute couple 'Virushka' -  Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have finally taken the vows to be together forever. The marriage was a hush-hush event and took place in Tuscany, Italy. Only family and very close friends were present for the ceremony. Security was also high and entry was strictly on an invitation basis.
They are going to throw a grand reception on their return as per the reports. Friends, celebrities,  cricketers and politicians are all expected to attend.
The two released the news on Twitter and made it official for the world. "Today we have promised each other to be bound in love for ever. We are truly blessed to share the news with you.This beautiful day will be made more special with the love and support of our family of fans & well wishers. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey."
Virat Kohli had requested the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for a break f…
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Easy way to earn Bitcoins

Hello friends, hope you all are fine and having fun. Today, I am going to share a new kind of tutorial, which is about online earning. We all know that engineering students are rich with knowledge but they are not much well with earning while studying so I have thought a bit on this issue and finally I decided to share some topics using which one can earn online quite easily. Before going into details, I wanna clear one thing that it won’t be that much but still it will be enough to spend a month. So, follow all my tutorials carefully and if you follow them step by step then I am sure that you can earn big. 

So, let’s move on to our today’s earning trick. First of all, I want you to have a quick look at bitcoin, which is a digital currency and its worth quite a lot. One bitcoin is equal to around 400$ so you can have the idea how much does it cost. So, today I am gonna share a trick using which you can earn really big money but don’t need to get rushy because slow and steady wins the r…

7 Tricks To Make Her Feel Drawn To You

Single or committed, men also need to contribute to keeping it up with the women in their lives. Single men out there, this can help you find a woman of your dreams (only help), you need to do the rest. Men who have their other halves also need to relearn. A relationship can lose its charm fast enough to be boring and stale. Fights become frequent, happiness erodes away and frustration creeps in. It's time to bring back the fun and spark of your wonderful love life.
What is to be done?! 1. Ditch the boring routine
Boredom is the killer. Take her out where you can have fun. The usual strolls and eating out is okay but having fun with her is on a whole new level. Take her go-carting or to an amusement park. Go bowling or plan a vacation if you can where you can go skydiving or water rafting or simply play: hide and seek or the floor is lava. She will love it. 2. Cook for Her!
Rather than taking her out for a lunch or dinner date or even asking her to cook all the time, get to know h…

Delhi Under Chokehold

Delhi and NCR is totally engulfed in smog and officials have declared health emergency throughout the city. People are inhaling toxic gas and are facing severe health hazards. Fatal accidents are occurring due to zero visibility and here we all are suffering. The cause of such high toxicity of air is because of crop waste burning in Punjab and Haryana. The Air Quality Index shows the reading crossing 500 which is the highest the scale can measure. An AQI of 300 means very unhealthy.

So what exactly is smog?!

Smog is a mixture of smoke and fog. The mixture is complex and made out of various harmful pollutants like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, particulate matter and dust particles. These are made up of various industrial waste, vehicle pollutants, open burning and so on. These things mix up and react with sunlight and form a kind of ground-level ozone. This results in the haze we see every day and hangs in cities.

Do's and Don'ts Use public transport and carpo…

Women Search These 7 Things In Men Before Being In Relationship

Relationships are hard these days and Love at first sight happens rarely now. Men and Women, both are getting very selective and look for many qualities. Apparently, Tall, Dark and Handsome no longer is the criteria for women to look for in men. It has been replaced by Honesty, Compassion and Respect.
Women today are independent and ambitious. They settle for strong personalities and mere sweet talks are not enough for them to feel a connection.
Read on to find 7 Things that Women will definitely look for in Men: 1. Honesty
As the saying goes, 'Honesty is the best Policy'. Men who are honest tend to become favourite among ladies. An honest person garners confidence and trust of women and there is a healthy bonding between two people. 2. Sense of Personal Space
Men who are not 24 hour clingy are always wanted by women. No person wants a partner who has no regard for personal space. Individuality is important in a healthy relationship as it helps the person grow holistically. Relation…

5 DIY De-tanning Face Packs

Tan is the most irritating thing we get from summer heat and ultra-violet rays. Our skin darkens; looks dirty, patchy and uneven. We are grossed out at our face and body for looking so so bad. nobody is spared from the tan foe!

 So, we bring these 5 DIY face packs to help fight tan and get rid of it. Read on fellas!

1. Coffee Besan Pack Mix 1 part Coffee Powder with 2 parts Besan/Gram Flour. Make a smooth paste with warm water or milk. The pack should not be runny but a smooth thick paste.

Now, apply this pack on cleansed face, neck or wherever needed. Let the pack dry completely. The skin should feel stretchy and tight. Do not talk or stretch skin as it can leave fine line on the skin. Dampen the pack with warm water and massage in small circular motions. After thoroughly scrubbing loose the pack with water, wash it off. Apply a light moisturizer on the damp skin.

Apply once a week.

2. Tomato and lemon Juice Pack Take 1 Tomato, crush it and remove the skin. Take 1/2 a Lemon and squee…

Padmavati Trailer Review

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film Padmavati starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor is all set to release on December 1, 2017 and we are eagerly waiting for it to hit theaters. The trailer gave us goosebumps to be honest. The fantastic casting, colour play and music, all amalgamates into one beautiful piece of art. The trailer gives us the feel that it will be a heart catcher.

Deepika as Rani Padmini looks like a true Rajput Queen and a reflection of true beauty. Her unibrow looks majestic and edgy. Her poise and elegance in the trailer itself shows how she will be portraying her character; as a true queen. On a personal note, we love her!

Shahid Kapoor also makes our heart skip a beat. He looks phenomenal as Raja Rawal Ratan Singh and shares a beautiful romantic chemistry with Deepika Padukone. Also, this is their very first pairing on screen and they look adorable together. The scene in the trailer where Rani Padmini sews Raja Rawal Ratan Singh's turban makes …