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Comic-Con: Justice League Trailer Review

Finally comic-con you gave me that justice League trailer.That's right, we have a new trailer from San Diego comic-con showing us the formation, the friendship, the stakes, the speeches of Justice League. This is a four minute trailer it's actually pretty long. I'm not going to touch on everything. In this trail other than the fact that it's f***ing Justice League and as we know Zack Snyder has stepped down in the post-production process of Justice League for a very justifiable reason.

Joss Whedon has taken over, so you can't help but look at this trailer but what's different between the tone of the previous trailer. In this trailer I got to say, the color palette looks a little different at least in a couple scenes and it's easy to assess that when you have the same shot in both trailers and you can compare them side-by-side. That's right back to distinctly different Instagram filters. Basically they're all like Big Bad is coming. We finally see Steppenwolf you don't see a good shot at Steppenwolf but he does hit the scene. He's basically like there's no hope and he says no lanterns either my ears are playing tricks on me or the dude straight up says no Lantern now that's a reference to Green Lantern. Superman is a beacon of hope he should be a beacon of hope but I feel like we need more of him.
The trailer has some humor at the end or Ezra Miller, The flash like others in severe "that's rudem then he leaves that was funny not as good as when cyborg gets into the battling and he's like don't worry alfrid. Alfred's like "do I know you".

Couple of things were a bit CGI one of the coolest things is also one of the very CGI have you seen Aquaman's jumping through that building and it shatters.
CGI needs to be cleaned up a little bit but there is still a few months before this movie comes out. The voice-over they have for this trailer and the tone they have for this trailer is very much like yet this is Justice League they're coming together very in line with the poster, the tone of we gotta save the people and save the planet for hopes.
We get a little bit of an easter egg reveal we have a new member joining the Justice League. It is most likely Superman they don't want to reveal like we don't want to show you Superman although the Justice League version of the Superman hot toys is that San Diego comic-con. So we essentially stain him but all right we'll save it for the movie. I feel like that's going to be a post-credits.

This movie is going to involve all the members of the Justice League. Superman is going to be there for part.

I was really impressed with this trailer I feel like it had good tone. I find the color and contrast Corrections that I've seen in this trailer compared to the other trailer interesting but completely expected it looks to be a collaborative effort between Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder.

I hope they both get credit and I hope they both give us a solid Justice League movie. So the new Justice League trailer from comic-con have you seen it?
What did you think about it, whatever you thought comment below let me know.