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7 Tricks To Make Her Feel Drawn To You

Single or committed, men also need to contribute to keeping it up with the women in their lives. Single men out there, this can help you find a woman of your dreams (only help), you need to do the rest. Men who have their other halves also need to relearn. A relationship can lose its charm fast enough to be boring and stale. Fights become frequent, happiness erodes away and frustration creeps in. It's time to bring back the fun and spark of your wonderful love life.

What is to be done?!

1. Ditch the boring routine

Boredom is the killer. Take her out where you can have fun. The usual strolls and eating out is okay but having fun with her is on a whole new level. Take her go-carting or to an amusement park. Go bowling or plan a vacation if you can where you can go skydiving or water rafting or simply play: hide and seek or the floor is lava. She will love it.

2. Cook for Her!

Rather than taking her out for a lunch or dinner date or even asking her to cook all the time, get to know her favourite dishes and COOK! She will love you even more. No problem if you can't cook, just give it a wholehearted try. You will not fail and she will feel valued and loved. She can even give you tips for better tries next time! And what's bad if both of you know how to cook?! Responsibilities can be divided. This will give more time to spend with your partner.

3. Workout Together

Meet up in the morning or evening just for a little workout session. Hit the gym together or jog in the park. You will feel energetic, healthy and will spend some quality time with each other. She will feel drawn to you just by looking at you working out.

4. Plan a Mini Relaxing Session

Take some time out for facials or pedicures and head massage. It feels so relaxing. De-stress yourselves by either visiting a unisex salon or give a personal touch to it. Give each other head massage and DIY facials. It will give a glow upon your faces and she will feel good. Women love these times of togetherness and beauty sessions.

5. Entertain Her

Joke around, bring in sarcasm or just enact a comedy scene. Happy times, laughter are key ingredients to feel connected. Remember, men sometimes take things too far while joking and this can offend her. Have witty one-liners or straight comedy.

6. Challenge Her

Challenges make women light up. They want to win and prove themselves. Give them the opportunity to prove her. Have a plank competition or a thumb wrestle. Sing or dance!  Do whatever to make her excited and eager to win.

7. Have a Role Play Session

Act as if you guys are in a movie or something thrilling. Let her do the decision making as to your future course of role play. Make her the boss lady. You can also spice it up the bed for more fun.