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Women Search These 7 Things In Men Before Being In Relationship

Relationships are hard these days and Love at first sight happens rarely now. Men and Women, both are getting very selective and look for many qualities. Apparently, Tall, Dark and Handsome no longer is the criteria for women to look for in men. It has been replaced by Honesty, Compassion and Respect.

Women today are independent and ambitious. They settle for strong personalities and mere sweet talks are not enough for them to feel a connection.

Read on to find 7 Things that Women will definitely look for in Men:

1. Honesty

As the saying goes, 'Honesty is the best Policy'. Men who are honest tend to become favourite among ladies. An honest person garners confidence and trust of women and there is a healthy bonding between two people.

2. Sense of Personal Space

Men who are not 24 hour clingy are always wanted by women. No person wants a partner who has no regard for personal space. Individuality is important in a healthy relationship as it helps the person grow holistically. Relationships can go terribly wrong if personal space is absent. So men out there, let your girl breathe.

3. Respect

A man who respects women are always the first choice. This respect shows in the way a man talks about the other gender, behaves in front of or behind them. A women feels instantly drawn to a man who respects them.

4. Straight Communications

Communication plays the lead role in a relationship or dating. Women prefer direct or straight talks over evasive or winding talks. It saves time and not let misunderstandings creep up. It is very important to collect up your thoughts and feelings and convey them in best possible manner.

5. Ambitious and Work Oriented

People in today's world irrespective of gender are mentally driven to attain financial success. Financial security ensure a healthy lifestyle. Career oriented men are always the first choice for women.

6. Reliable

Women are always busy. From office to house, they have a lot of things to do which gets easy if their significant other helps them out. It is a huge relief for women when their partner is available to help them. A man who does not categorize household chores to be woman specific is a rare find and if this trait is in a guy, he is a keeper!

7. Love

A loving and romantic man is what every woman needs. A relationship without love has no charm and is a compromise for both the partners. No relationship can survive without love.